Friday, July 17, 2009

School Supplies

Usually, back to school time is one of my favorite times of the year. While I'm looking forward to getting back to our routines, summer's ending too soon. There are still so many things I was hoping to get to that I'm pretty sure aren't going to happen!

We hit Walmart and Walgreen's for most of the school supply shopping. A few years ago I figured out to buy a year's supply of things like crayons, pencils, notebook and paper during the back to school sales. It drove me crazy to spend 20 cents on a box of crayons and then need another box in January and have to pay $2! So I now keep a stash of school supplies in a closet. Even if your kids aren't in school, keep your eyes on the sales and stock up. My mom uses those 70 page spiral notebooks. Last year, I talked her into buying a pack of 10 for a $1. I bet she's saved 10 times that amount.

So what did I get yesterday? From Walmart I got:
the crayons for 20 cents,
markers for $1,
colored pencils for 75 cents,
a pencil box for 62 cents,
1" binders for $2.50 and
2-packs of glue sticks for 25 cents.

From Walgreen's:
10-pack mechanical pencils for 39 cents
2-pack big pink erasers for 29 cents
24-pack pencils for 79 cents
2-pack Sharpies for $1.50
dry erase markers 4-pack for $2 (I might take these back because Staple should have these on sale for $1 next week)

Other great deals from Walgreen's but not school related:
baking soda for 50 cents
jello for 20 cents
case of water for $3
mushrooms for 50 cents

All in all not a bad day!

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