Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time in the Pantry

I like a neat, well-stocked pantry and for the most part, I succeed. No matter what, every few months, my pantry needs a little tidy up. Food doesn't always get put back where it belongs. Things need to be shifted and sometimes food even needs to be tossed (not my favorite). Today I spent an hour tiding up my pantry. I filled in gaps from my overflow food storage in my closet. It looks pretty again, not as full as I'd like - but I can't get the family to give up eating!

For me this is the first step to start working on getting my food storage growing again. I know the logical first step would be to figure out what I need, and then take an inventory of what I have to figure out what I need. Cleaning out my pantry is a mental thing for me. I don't feel so overwhelmed by the job of acquiring food storage when I can look at a tidy pantry and see I have a year's supply of salad dressing, BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, oatmeal, spaghetti sauce and so on. Granted its a pretty random list and we wouldn't be eating that great if that's all we had to live on, but its a start. Now I'm ready for the next step, to look through my food storage meals and update my list of what my food storage needs. There's next week's goal!

How are you doing on your food storage? Could you live off you pantry and freezer for 3 months? This week figure out the next step in your food storage plan.


Vickie said...

Hooray for a happy pantry!
Ben and I made one of those meal calendars this week to figure out what we eat a lot and what we need to get to keep a stock.
Organizing my pantry is a constant battle. It's like laundry and dishes... never done for long. Oh well. It'll be another one of those things we miss when all the kids are grown and gone, right? Right!?!

Chasing Solitude said...

Looks like your blog is coming along nicely! I'm envious of your pantry lol. We've been working on the storage and production of foods, got a 1/4 acre garden in and 5 new fruit trees. Hopefully this fall I can re-fill the freezers with meat and we'll be set for another winter. Do you guys garden down there?

Raejean said...

I hope to garden, but I'm waiting for the backyard to be cleared. Then hopefully I'll get my garden!


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