Friday, June 5, 2009


The bookshelves are overflowing again, so I've been seeing what we could bear to part with. There's a stack of kids books that we are done reading, but we still need more room. I'm not sure where I'd put another bookcase if I could scrounge one up, so I had to expand my purge to a book case in another room. I started to go through my collection of Family Fun magazines. I used to look through these old magazines several times a year for ideas of fun things to do with the kids for their birthdays or whatever. With the kiddos getting older, I haven't done this as often. So, I'm looking through them again to see if there are enough ideas to keep them around. There are several ideas or recipes I'm saving and other things I look at and think that might be useful someday, but I doubt I would find the idea if and when it became useful.

The most entertaining part of the process has been the ads from 1999! Back then Playstation was supreme, Mulan was being released on VIDEO (not DVD), printers were boxy, and Pentium II was the latest in computer technology. But my favorite ads were for the cutting edge digital cameras! The cheapest one on the market was Epson's Photo PC 550 for only $200! I do believe the 550 referred to the number of pixels. This camera could hold up to 24 pictures! Whew! Hold on Betsy!!! If you wanted to go all out, you could get the Kodak DC220. It had a whole megapixel. The price tag was $699. Good Times!

I'll continue purging old magazines and craft books I doubt I'll ever use. Hopefully by next week, I'll be able to shift things around and fit all the books on shelves again!

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