Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top Ten Things I Loved about evo '11

Sorry for the sporadic posts.  I meant to have some lined up before I went on vacation, but that obviously didn't happen.  I also meant to write more while I was on vacation; that obviously didn't happen either.  I was too busy having fun!

Since I'm still digesting my super fun evo '11 experience, I'll give you a more complete summary via It's a Crafty Life's Ten on Tuesday
  1. Beginning WordPress class by Jennifer Stuart.  I learned so much.  I'm hoping to make the switch within the next month.
  2. Progressive Dessert Party.  Imagine strolling through 10 super fancy suites, eating a variety of desserts.  Fun and food - my favorite.
  3. Early morning exercise classes to help offset all the yummy food.
  4. Growing Your Blog workshop by the folks from Baby Center.  This was a perfect example of the willingness of those more experienced with the rest of us.  Not only were they knowledgeable, I felt very comfortable talking to them.
  5. Bush's Beans Party at Park City Mountain Resort.  I loved the international menu and the rides down the Alpine Slide.
  6. The Syndication class was enlightening.  Again, awesome people who are easy to talk to and willing to share.
  7. The Business of Blogging workshop was empowering.  There are too many bloggers willing to give companies valuable advertising without getting anything in return.  We bloggers have power and should remember our worth.
  8. Me Ra Koh was the closing speaker.  She has an amazing story!
  9. BBQ at the Red Pine Lodge.  The gondola ride was breath taking.  The only downside was saying goodbye to all my new friends.
  10. I know I mentioned it on Friday, but the swag was amazing.  The sponsors were good to us.  The picture above is just what we received when we checked in.  We were continually showered with more gifts and perks throughout the conference. My husband commented on how much more expensive his training conferences are and there are no swag bags.  I guess he needs to hang out with more fun peeps!


RJR said...

I'm intrigued why the desire to switch to Wordpress ?

Bugg's mama said...

I'm so glad that you had such a great time!

I was hurrying trying to get dressed that morning you left so I could come say "bye" but you guys were off. Bummer!

It was so fun visiting with you and your family!

Love, Bree

Robin said...

Love this post! I had so much fun meeting you at the Huggies ELB suite, so thanks again for stopping by and making a wish! You're officially in my Reader so I can stay up to date on all the fun photography adventures you and your family go on.


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