Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Home Evening: Patriotism

While we were on vacation, we were able to have a Family Home Evening with my in-laws and some of my husband's other siblings and their families.  It is so comforting sharing spiritual experiences with my extended family.  My mother-in-law shared a lesson on patriotism.  We talked a little about the Constitutional Convention and she read a few stories of her ancestors.  We finished it off with reading some funny kids quotes. 

We finished off the evening with a couple of kinds of cookies.  It was a very simple and informal evening where enjoyed being together and celebrating our faith.

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Emily faliLV said...

Oh I love this idea! Sounds like it is great family time, and I love that you covered patriotism!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog - it was great to meet you too! ;) Hope to see you next year as well!


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