Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lettuce Harvets - and Carrots Too!

Now that the full summer heat is here, the lettuce sprouted flowers and is getting a little tough.  I realized I don't know when I'm supposed to harvest my little garden. This morning I picked the biggest leaves. There was enough for last night's Taco Salad dinner. We had to comb the leaves carefully to make sure we didn't eat any green caterpillars.   

I thinned the carrots and pulled the ones that fell and were growing between the lettuces.  They still need more time to grow, but it's exciting to see (and eat) those little beauties!

We have a lot to learn about growing a more productive garden, but I'd say our growing experiment was  a success - even if our potatoes died suddenly and I don't know why.  The green beans are still growing so we might get a handful of those out of the deal too.  I'm excited to try again after the heat passes.

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Ashley said...

aw yay for carrots! :)


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