Sunday, August 2, 2009

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

July was another busy month filled with many of the things I had hoped to accomplish. Once again, I was able to finish 9 scrapbook layouts, I can't seem to do any more in a month. We had a lot of fun with our stay-at-home summer school. I gained a exciting amount of family history information at our family reunion. I finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince to the kids for our book club. I just finished Three Weeks with My Brother today, but I read most of it in July. I finished three more articles for the Homemaking Cottage and worked a little bit on my personal history. Granted, I didn't work on the mending pile and teaching my children to sew. Other projects not only went unfinished, but didn't even get touched. It was still a good month!

Now that August is here, I'll try again to complete 11 scrapbook layouts. I'll keep writing and working on family history. I'll keep practicing the piano and reading. I'll keep exercising and working on my food storage plan. I'm also hoping to put together a photography club for me and some of my kiddos. And through it all, I'll keep you posted on our journey!

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