Monday, August 24, 2009


I think I will actually make my goal this month to finish 11 layouts in August, I already have 10 done! Saturday and Sunday I did a little scrapbooking with the kiddos. I don't work as quickly with them wanting my help to sort their pictures (again) or trim something or spell something; but I'll take what I can get. Not only did I spend time with my cuties, I also got back on track to finish my goal.


The Rocking Roberts said...

I wish I could sit down and scrapbook....just seems like I never have time. And I'm not as patient as you with having the kids around me when trying to do something. We should plan a lunch or something now that all of our kids are in school.

Raejean said...

Lunch would be great! Give me a call and we can figure something out.


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