Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Used To Think Squirrels Were Cute...

So, squirrels - let's talk about them.  They're cute they way they climb trees and scamper about (as long as you don't think too much about the diseases they carry and all).  They are furry and remind me of Chip and Dale.  It's all good.

...until our trip to the lake.  My mom brought the cookies - not just any cookies; Double Stuff Oreo Cookies.  She put them and a couple of bags of chips on a nearby picnic table, for when we were ready to take a break from playing on the Jet Ski.  We are talking fresh from the grocery store, unopened bags here, folks.  

I noticed people walking by the table and looking over, but I didn't think much about it until one guy said "The squirrel is in the bag of cookies!"  Sure enough, the now-not-so-cute squirrel had chewed through the grocery bag; through the corner of the package; and had helped himself to about 10 cookies!

We moved the food closer to us.  After a little bit, we went to the cars to get the rest of the food while my dad secured the jet ski.  When I came back to the beach the squirrel was 15 feet away from him trying to eat our cookies again!  I hollered at him, but he wasn't afraid of me until I got within 3 or 4 feet. He even had the nerve to encroach on our picnic table - while we were sitting at it!

I let him know how mad I was by stomping my foot every time I saw his furry little face.  My kiddos thought it was pretty funny when I told him he wasn't my friend anymore.  

I figured I should at try to get a few pictures of this uber-bold squirrel.  So we left a half of a cookie in the bag (and a rock to keep the bag from blowing away) and left it on the picnic table.  Within a couple of minutes of us clearing away from the table, fur face was in the bag, and pulled out the treat we left for him.

He watched me click off pictures as he ate it, and let me get just across the table from him.  After he devoured all the chocolaty goodness, he stood up and posed for me!


Anonymous said...

So Cute ! Love the PIC....

Raejean said...

I was surprised he let me get that close, even more surprised the way he stood up for me.


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