Monday, July 26, 2010

Cub Scout Star Wars Party

We had our Cub Scout Star Wars theme party.  We used some of the same activities from this Star Wars party.  We started off with a Jedi training obstacle coarse.  

Then we came inside for the Detonator game, where everyone sat in a circle while we passed around a small container filled with candy while music played.  Whoever was holding the container when the music stopped took a piece of candy and was out of the circle.  The last person in the circle got two pieces of candy.

We went back outside and crossed a lava lake, and we used water balloons to destroy the chalk Death Star.

To finish off the fun, the boys used M&M's to decorate their cupcakes like the buttons on a lightsaber.

A couple of the boys even brought party favors; Star Wars fruit snacks and flour balloons.  The flour balloons are just balloons filled with flour and tied off.  The are fun to squish around.

While they enjoyed their cupcakes, we discussed what they liked about the party and what they would do different next time.  This completed Elective 9a.

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