Thursday, December 24, 2009

Drawer #24

Can you believe it's Christmas Eve already? I always say Christmas is my favorite holiday, but actually its Christmas Eve. Its the celebration (and food) of Christmas at the height of the excitement and anticipation! And for our family, the focus is on the Savior.

Today's drawer is the same as it is every Christmas Eve, "Christmas pageant". That is actually just part of our Christmas Eve tradition. We start off with an early dinner. This year we're trying something different. Our neighbor provided us with a beautiful roast and everyone chose a side dish to go with it. The meal is a little random, but its good to have everyone involved. Next, we watch "Forgotten Carols", and then perform our pageant. We finish off the night by sprinkling reindeer food in the front yard, drinking cocoa and putting cookies on a plate for Santa, we include some carrots for the reindeer too to go along with the oats sprinkled in the front yard. Each person chooses a cookie to leave for Santa. Sometimes we open a present from a grandparent, but not always.

I hope you have enjoyed our advent drawer tradition with us. Have a merry and joyful Christmas!

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