Saturday, October 31, 2009

Creative costumes

Yesterday was officially the start of the holiday season! With the Halloween parties in the kiddos classrooms, I have the calorie intake to prove it :)

It's always fun to see the costumes parents and kids come up with. I love how creative and unique the costumes can get. One perk of this getting older thing, is having the kids in charge of choosing and putting together their costumes. I am happy to serve as their assistants. We spend very little money on costumes and use mostly things we have around the house. I spent about $5 this year on everyone's costume. We recycle costumes or take part from one to make another.

This year, we used fabric from a previous year's witch costume to make a no-sew bat costume. Our one "big" purchase was a headband with ears.

We also recycled the dictionary costume. It was a last minute substitution, so the "a" was drawn, instead of reprinted and glued. On the back there is even a UPC code.

I'd say poster board is one of my favorite materials! We made another costume out of poster board this year. It was a "necklace" of a big, purple, polka dot P. It's an inside joke with some people from church.

The funny thing will be to see who wears their costumes again today, now that it's actually Halloween!


Tilleea said...

I love love loved the big purple polka dotted P costume! I'm thinking our mascot may have to make an appearance at mutual every once in a while. (hopefully it got repaired!)

Raejean said...

A little tape and it was good to go!


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