Thursday, October 8, 2009

Decorating for Halloween

Monday, we finally put up the Halloween decorations. I didn't think we were way behind on celebrating the season, but some of my kiddos didn't agree. I think it's fun having the house decorated, it's definitely more festive. It's great that my kids enjoy helping and get excited about the holiday. But, there are parts of my house that look like a Halloween giant sneezed on them. My back door, for instance, has 10 decorations on it; one of them is over a foot tall and another is sideways. We have fake spiderwebs clumped on one of the poor scarecrows because my youngest doesn't get the concept. Since I'll be looking at those parts everyday for the next three and a half weeks (and repressing my OCD), I didn't take pictures of them for my blog. Here are a few pictures of my favorite parts of the Halloween decorations!

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