Saturday, October 10, 2009

Harry Potter Book Club

Wednesday, we had our family book club "meeting" for the last Harry Potter book. The kiddo that offered this book as a choice also chose the activities. We had a word search, a word unscramble and a crossword puzzle. We made up some spells of our own, "chocowent" for make a delicious chocolate cake, and "regigulus" for give everyone the giggles. You get the idea. We also did 7 word reviews - review the book in exactly 7 words. Here's what we came up with:
  • Harry beats Voldemort! He has two hallows!
  • Cool - happy - exciting - amazing - lots of wars!
  • Finally! It took Harry forever to arrive.
  • Harry defeats Lord Voldemort in the end.
Our final Harry Potter activity was the Magic Wand Game. We had a pair of dice that went around the circle, each person having a turn to roll them. When someone got doubles, they put on a witch hat and used their magic wands (chopsticks) to get as many Hagrid's magic seeds (candy corn) out of the jar as they can until the next person rolled doubles. We only played for 5 minutes to limit the sugar intake! To keep anyone from feeling bad for not getting to many seeds, we had some dementor therapy - chocolate.

The last part of the book club, is choosing the next book. I can't wait to read the kids "The Prophet on Yonwood", the third book in the City of Ember series.

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