Saturday, May 30, 2009

Something New!

I don't know what your idea of excellence is, but mine is being good at a lot of different things and continually learning. Learning about more than "book stuff", but learning skills too. One of my problems is there is so many things I want to do and learn, I don't know what I want most. The biggest key is to keep trying (as opposed to retreating to the computer for a game of solitary).

I'm in charge of treat for Family Home Evening this week. So I'm going to try something new, new to me at least. I have a recipe for a cookie that is basically a chocolate thumbprint cookie with chocolate in the thumbprint. While I've never tried it before, I'm thinking with all that chocolate there's a high chance for success!

So is there a recipe you've been wanting to try? Why not do it this week? Let me know how it goes.


steffielu said...


Vickie said...

Chocolate is definitely a key ingredient for success around here. Ben wants to add more variety to our dinner menu and agreed to help make Sunday dinners as long as the recipes are new ones. I'm all for a little help in the kitchen :).

Bree said...

How about posting the recipe and a picture when you make it?!!!!


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