Friday, November 13, 2009

Shhh... Don't Tell

The Family channel has been showing Christmas movies and we've been watching them. Christmas generally is not allowed until after Thanksgiving, but it's fun to sneak a little in here and there!

We've also been practicing Christmas music on the piano, it takes me a looong time to get a song sounding decent. And besides, Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. I need to get my Christmas shopping done!


Natalie said...

Oooh, you rebel! Growing up, we were not allowed to listen to Christmas music until December 1st. Period.

Emily said...

I agree. I like to sneak in some Christmas before Thanksgiving. It was snowing outside today so the kids and I watched Frosty the Snowman and Tonight I think I might watch elf.

Raejean said...

The house rule here is no Christmas until after Thanksgiving dinner. We've watched Elf on Thanksgiving night the last couple of years. I think it's a tradition now. It's just hard to limit my favorite time of the year to a few weeks!


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