Monday, November 30, 2009

The Perfect Christmas Tree

While the themed, color-coordinated trees are lovely; I wouldn't trade our family tree for a 100 of those "picture-perfect" trees. I love our assortment of ornaments collected and made over the years. Every year as I pull the ornaments out of the box and unwrap them, I give the kiddos a recap of where the ornament came from.

"I remember putting this one on the tree when I was your age."
"I bought this one after Christmas when I was a teenager."
"One of Dad's friends gave us this cowboy one."
"The neighbor made these two for us last year."

We have duplicates of some, either from when I was a kid or ornaments we made as a family. The kids like to put their ornaments on the tree. They remember what the ornament looks like from their first Christmas and the ones we made last year, and most of the ones in between.

While our tree won't be pictured in any magazine, it is my picture perfect Christmas tree!


Natalie said...

Isn't that the best kind of tree to have? I had so much fun pulling out our ornaments this year and explaining their history to the kids. When I pick up new ornaments I try to make sure they have meaning to us in some way. I made a ton of ornaments years ago and always thought I'd get rid of them when I got "something better" to replace them. Turns out, they're some of my favorites now!

Raejean said...

I took a bunch of pictures last year and did a scrapbook layout called "The Images of Christmas". This year, I'd like to get pictures of the ornaments and decorations and type up the story that goes with them.


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